A discussion of power

Power can be exercised by us but cannot be our own. Think of the most powerful people in the world today and you will likely come up with a list of politicians, business leaders, a pope or ayatollah or some such in a similar vein. Any of these people of themselves have no more power than you or I. But they have access to a power greater than themselves which they direct.

Let's take the example of The President of the United States. And this is not a political discussion here. The President is powerful because he wields the full weight and power of the People of the United States. This may be the collection of people in the military or those in the private sector creating goods and services. It is the intellectual capacity generate new idea in its universities and the physical assets such as coal and oil that lie below the ground which people extract to provide energy to keep it all going.

A President can use any aspect of these sources to impose the will of the power providers on a given situation. But what about a personal situation. Presidents have flaws no different than any other person. It may be alcoholism, sex addiction, corruption or theft. When these symptoms arise in Presidents or in Joe average guy, All the power provided by those human resources fail to provide enough power to change the individual. Jack Kennedy was no more able to stop his womanizing despite the ramifications to his office, than an alcoholic can stop drinking in the face of his families disintegration.

But let's move this ponderance to the business world. Take the example of the Salesman. An intelligent agent of his company he will be provided with training, promotional materials and endless pep talks and scoldings meant to empower him to find the new customer and close the existing prospect. And yet with laptops, iPads, Smartphones and an endless list of softwares all designed to better enable said salesman he does not perform equally to his peers with the same tools at his disposal. And so he blames or credits his customers. These outside forces that he has little to no influence on. And while we can generate all kinds of stats to quantify the success or failure of a salesman when asked why we are stumped as to a true answer. We say he worked harder or was just not cut out for working that way.

At no time did I join any business thinking, 'Damn. I'm just not cut out for this, I am going to fail.' Every job I started I believed that I would succeed beyond belief, that the tools provided were the greatest ever and there was no way I could fail to be the greatest salesman this company had ever seen! But I was not always able to meet this thought. What was I missing?...


The following 28 postings will review the process I went through and how that brought about change. What that change looks like for me and possibly an understanding of what my power is. At the end of this project will you be able to access my power, Nope! But if you take the same basic actions I have you may just find your own. And what could be better than finding a power stronger than any company you've worked for. Stronger even that the full weight and might of the United States. (or Canada for that matter). OK? Then let's go!

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