Super Tuesday and I’m in Virginia. Which for my fellow Canadians is a Sate with a primary today. As I made my way along the interstates yesterday, listening to various talk radio personalities, I couldn’t help but wonder, are any of these potential presidential candidates making the effort to run based on a simple need to be of service?

Placing the needs of another before mine and doing what is right for them has transformed my life. We speak the mantra the customer is always right and roll our eyes these days. I site a simple example to illustrate. Years ago on my first visit to  Home Depot in Florida I walking in and was overwhelmed by the size. I stood looking around in awe and a sales associate came up to me and asked if the could help me. I asked where the aisle for bug bombs was expecting a number corresponding to an overhead sign in the aisle and was quite surprised when I was led to and aisle and introduced to another associate in said aisle who could help with the selection.

I was completely enamoured with Home Depot from that moment on. The experience in Canada has not been quite the same but continues to move that direction over the 20+ years that Home Depot has been here.

That small difference is about the true sense of service. For some it is not natural but can be brought about through action. All of the actions we have taken to this point have brought about the conditions so that we may experience the great pleasure that comes from placing ourselves in the service of another. Now lets talk about the final phase of our change.

What can I do to be of service to you today? Similar to, may I help you, but subtle in its differences. We start in our business office. If a company adopts this model for how it operates, when a new employee is hired we become a mentor. Sometime we see a struggling coworker and let them know we have a different way of doing things that has brought us a new level of success. And we would be interested in helping them find this same success!

I a competitive world such as sales it may not feel comfortable at first discussing how you felt powerless. It sure didn’t for me. But the more I spoke about this the greater the comfort. This due in large part to the nods of understanding from those I spoke to. My audience relates to different parts of my story, it is not necessary that every aspect is similar. In fact the specifics truly only serve the define differences whereas when I talk about the feelings, anger, frustration and fear people resonate. They have experienced these things themselves and this is what has been keeping them up at night.

We talk about how we tend to always be on edge both at home and work. We can’t seem to focus fully on our family when we are home. When we are at the office staying on task is a challenge. The more we find ways to look busy the worse we feel. We wonder when we are going to be caught. Is my customer going to complain about me?

When you see the light go off in the eyes begin telling them there is a way to change. That a simple process will take all that trepidation away. That they can become the person that truly is valued in the organization. Valued also by their customers and family!

Will it be easy finding someone to help. Not at first but as you change those around you will begin to notice and ask how you managed this transformation. Confidence is contagious. And you will become the carrier.

Finally when you consider this and think to yourself, as I did, won’t they think I’m a nut job, remember how your life has changed for the better. Consider this persons family, do not they deserve having someone who has found true happiness? You could help them get this.

We don’t bring about the change. The actions taken do this. We just provide the flashlight lighting the path.

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