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The past few posts have been a discussion of how I am powerless at times in my business life to affect outcomes. I am also lacking power to begin, continue or complete actions within a business prices even though I plan too. I have also pointed out how these actions (or lack of them) cause this condition of unmanageability in my thinking and that I cannot simply shut of thoughts of what I've just done or what is coming in the future.

Now its possible for me to look at remedies for these conditions. And through the years I have attended any number of workshops designed to correct some of these problems. I have personally ponied up for sales training courses. Thousands of corporate dollars have been spent so I will be a more effective prospector/process mover/closer in the sales cycle. My sales career has spanned multiple industries where I have been privileged to have experienced industry best training. From Royal Lepage in the RealEstate sector to Xerox in the copier industry and many in between I have been exposed to the best of the best.

With some I have even been a trainer. My favourite course that I lead was personal marketing skills. Part of the Minolta new hire training in the early 2000's, this segment was about deportment with clients, how to dress for success, joining the local Chamber of Commerce and other indirect tools for success. We practiced the elevator pitch, and cocktail party introductions. We did not strategize how to sleep the night before a big presentation. Nor did we teach the benefits of not calling and harassing while waiting for a yes. 

At no time during any of these training sessions was there talk of the insecurity and fear constantly hammering me in my head. With each new phone call it would reappear as a little voice telling me I can skip this one, they don't need your product, and they'll think your a loser for even asking them to consider. Hang up now before they report you for harassment! Damn voice. What voice you ask? That one calmly telling you now that we have no voice, this guy is nuts!

Each of us experiences this lack of power differently. Mine is with tele prospecting. Others close to me experience this when presenting to groups. I have worked with many great sales people who are challenged with the small close questions that move the process along. They visit plenty yet never ask. They hated taking me because I'd end up asking something like, 'So when's your lease up?' And they would say, 'Oh three years.' and I'd ask, 'Ever traded in early?' only to hear, 'Nope, never!' And then the curious sound of ego and funnel deflation would fill the room.

So is the dilemma 'Lack of Training?' I'd say not. My dilemma is lack of power, to steal a phrase from AA. And continues to be. So If I recognize this then I have two options. One is to continue being a mediocre sales/business person, drowning out the noise of my fears and anxieties with bulwark and distraction or ask for the help that provides the power.

On January 15th, 2008 for the first time I understood how powerless  I was and in a fit of desperation called out for help. My journey forward has not always been easy but most often today I am filled with power. None of it my own. Each day I have to refill it. And I do. And it gets better.

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