Did you hit restart?

If you don't know what the response 'LOL' is for this question you have come to the right place.

15 years ago updating technology in the office meant starting to use a printer rather than a typewriter. Today it can be implementing a social media strategy, understanding a data capture solution, apps, IOS... and on and on.

It may be your computers but it may be your website. How we communicate has changed and the only constant today is the rate of communication change is increasing. 

What is Technology to you?

If you drive a chip truck the answer is likely different than if you write a blog. But is it really? In both examples you need to have your customers find you. In the real world or electronic.

At Inc. we help you define the questions essential to understanding what technology can do for you. So if you drive a chip truck and park in different locations, a static web page may not be the right solution for you.

Do you need a web page or Web Presence, an iPhone or an Android, Facebook or Linkedin?

Is technology a benefit or distraction?

Technology just because someone else uses it may not solve your business problem. We will provide a range of possible solutions and help you determine which best will solve the issues you are having both today and down the road.

We welcome the discussions to begin the process of challenge identification. 

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