Clarity comes to those that ask for it. I believe this because I experience it everyday. In my case I am asking a spiritual power. You can call it God, Creator, Higher Power as the name is not important. This process works just as well if you have no spiritual believes and just say the words to yourself. Verbalized or thought, either is fine.

I like something that easy. Do this, that will happen. You don’t have to believe it, just do it. With this process it is just that simple. Here are the actions that bring abut the clarity. But first to review where we are.

We initially started understanding that we were ultimately powerless in most of the situations we involved ourselves in during business. We embarked on a journey to find that power starting with a personal inventory. The results of the inventory showed how we operated very often from self. In talking to our mentor about this we clearly found how these manifestations of self where really at the root of our lack of power. That the harder we struggled to gain control, the farther from it we found ourselves.

We gained willingness to lose the gross defects of character and ventured to those we had harmed and made our amends. And now as a new situation appears where we become unsettled because selfishness, dishonestly, resentment or fear arise we have a process to rid ourselves of them.

Fortunately we are not perfect! If we were then this would likely be sufficient. In my case I do not always stop and ask for something to be removed from me immediately. Most likely I don’t even think to do it. So I need one more check list to review at the end of the day. One last quick inventory for the events just past. Nothing to write here, although you can, simply a review of the day past.

We ask ourselves, today have I been selfish, dishonest, resentful or afraid. Is there an apology I have left unmade. Do I need to talk to anyone. Have I accomplished my goals today or did I hide from parts of life. Did¬†I place other’s needs ahead of my own. Was I a kind, giving and loving person. Was there anything I could do different.

And then we say, ‘Please show me how to do better tomorrow, thank you for today.’ Then go to sleep. Simple!

When we wake up in the morning our first thoughts should be about what we have coming. After some time doing this the newly to the process will find that something they had been struggling with will become clear. The question of what I could do better from the night before will be answered and a path forward will be known.

At some point in our morning routines we now begin a period of meditation. By this I do not mean a yogi like sitting on the floor all pretzeled up chanting type of meditation. What I refer to is a quiet directed thinking contemplation. I have found an egg timer to be very useful for this process at first. We find a comfortable chair, sit with feet on the floor and turn our timer to ten minutes. Then close our eyes and think about the upcoming day. Do we have a meeting, is there a proposal, can I help my child with their homework. Allow your thoughts freedom to wander. And stay aware of the anomalous interjection of thought. The oddity that just jumps into your awareness. These can be very important.

These random thoughts have come to be very important for me. They tend to be the answers to the questions I throw out there that I have no answer to. The how can I be better, what can I do differently type of questions. These random interjections have a name. They are called intuition. From my experience I understand these to be guided as more often than not they are not of my nature. But regardless of what you think of them or call them, use them to grow to your goals of being that better person. These thoughts are the power flowing into you.

At first its always a good idea to run these ideas by your mentor. For anyone who is first using this process a selfish thought can look a lot like a new power thought. We need our mentor to help us qualify the difference. With time and experience understand of the difference will be clear. Also the selfish thoughts will gradually disappear. Although never entirely. And please don’t limit these exercises only to business. Your family will become the improved you also!

What is really amazing about this process is the ancillary benefits. Better sleep, more energy and more confidence are just the start. Imagine accomplishing tasks that you would never have even started before doing this. Thats not in my wheelhouse was something I use to say and think a lot. Now I just stick up my hand and say yes. Way more often than I have any business doing says my wife. But if I continue to stay in the present and do this I have yet to be overwhelmed. And I seem to keep looking for more! Truly one of the most amazing gifts I have every received.

A gift I can only keep, if I give it away. And that paradox is tomorrows topic.

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