What they did to me...

It was never hard for me to generate a list of people or institutions I felt hard done by. Just ask me and I could give you a long one. Principles as well were easily identified as wrong and not applying to me. But what good did that do me. Usually none, I could see how angry I was but little else. As a tool for improvement? Not a chance.

So how can we change this list of resentments into a useful tool that will improve our business skills? There is a way. And its actually quite easy. Although it does involve more writing. So Here's what we do.

For each name we need a sheet of paper. Turn the paper so that it is wider than it is tall. Portrait mode for those printers among us. Take that sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle dividing the page in two. At the top of the page place one of the names on your list. Do not forget that here in Canada we have plenty of trees and paper is reasonably inexpensive so do not worry about doubling up the names. The more sheets the better!

Once you have transferred all the names, it is time to begin the next part of the list. On the left side of your sheet we list, in point form, the things that we are pissed at with that person. Dig deep here. It's your list and the harder you delve into this the freer you will be down the road. For instance lets use John a colleague;

  • ran to the boss telling him about something I missed doing with a customer
  • tried to scoop the new prospect
  • schmoozes the receptionist so new customer inquiries go to him. 
  • gave my pricing to the competition so I would lose a deal and he could have my job

Bob - customer

  • calls to complain about service staff to get a deal
  • pays his bills late
  • misses appointments booked well ahead
  • made me look bad in front of VP
  • bought something small from the competition and did not ask for a quote
  • stiffed me at a trade show

We do this for each of the names on the list. And once done for all we look at the other side of the sheet and begin an identification process that we will detail tomorrow.


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