Someone posted a picture on Linkedin the other day with the captioning; 'For the positive, the glass is not half full or half empty. It's refillable.' Brilliant but with the positive self-centred person it may be refillable, but its also mine. Don't touch it or even look at it. If you think about disturbing it I will know and have to destroy you. I know its just a glass filled with liquid but to me it's the most important glass in the world!

On my drive into the office each morning I would script out my day. What would happen at the sales meeting first thing after getting to the office. The conversations I would have with my colleagues and bosses. The phone calls I would make and what the customers at the other end of the line would say. As I drove I continued writing this script for the meetings I have scheduled and finally returning home victorious from the field of work battle how my evening with the family would go. If traffic was slow I would script how my customers evening conversations would go having basked in my magnificent sales skills for an hour or two.

I everything would just go as I planned, my day would be perfect! I will make vast amounts of money. My bosses will be very satisfied with me, possibly promoting me. My wife will dote on me, my child will be uncontrollably happy to see me home. The only problem was I am unable to telepathically print this marvellous script and send it to you. I need you to act the role as outlined but you do not know your lines. 

This becomes glaringly apparent when someone asked me a question at the sales meeting I did not put in the script. Beep, wrong answer, now the boss is looking at me funny as I squirm in my chair and try to figure just how to get back on script. So I send a little blame your way. Well if you would just.... They did... The customer is... And when I am still not back on track, please I need a little help here.. wow this meeting is running long, I have a...

And as I bolt to my car I scheme how to win with my customers. What do I have to do to or say to get the business. I need the business today because clearly, when I get back to the office I am fired. And on through the day it goes. All my conversations and interactions created through a lens of what about me. You are the problem I have to solve. And when I can;'t find the solution, I head back to the office and avoid. Avoid conversation, avoid the boss. Or I confront, boss lets strategize, you have a few hours? And then I'd plan. I couldn't go home because the script I wrote for that part of the day was so badly wrong I couldn't figure how to fix it. Honey I'll be home a little late, I have to put a couple presentations together for the morning. 

Then I'd sit at my desk and strategize how to do better tomorrow. Maybe if I find out more on Social Media about the customer. A wee bit more research on the company. Oh ya, don't forget...

And then its late and my child has gone to bed so he can't see the failure in me, I can go home now. And as i drive I script the new conversation with my wife when I get there. Well maybe if I say....

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