I started writing this blog a little over a month ago. I pledged to myself to write something everyday and for the most part I succeeded. I missed a couple days due to commitments I had to others. Weekends that we had a party or preparations for said party and a couple days while on the road driving to and from my mom’s house in Florida to help her with a health issue.

Prior to beginning this process I thought to myself that  needed some kind of change in my life but did not know what that change was or could be. But I have come to learn that if I take an action there are reactions far beyond what I think there could be. So not knowing what would come of it I embarked on a daily writing project.

Do I feel any different now having done this for 30+ days? I can’t say yet. Though I felt compelled to write something today which was not something I had previously felt the need for. So that’s new. What I need to write about, who knows. I will just keep typing.

So last night I returned to Burlington from Florida just ahead of the storm. Great drive for the entire time back. While driving I took the time to listen to  variety of talk radio. My routing takes me through 8 states 2 of which were participating in Super Tuesday primary voting for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. To say I was hearing things that I was unaccustomed to was a small understatement. I should point out here that I am a regular listener to U.S. talk radio, I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for years now and also listen to Sean Hannity and Micheal Savage occasionally as well.

So I could say I have an understanding of the conservative viewpoint down south. During my drive I also listened to Glen Beck and Herman Cain who also have national audiences. I really listened to local radio and was not discriminating whether the the station bias was right or left.

Also I should mention that in my 30+ years of spending time in the US I have observed the ethos to never discuss politics or religion and have experienced the same from my American friends. Until last year. The everything changed. A guy in a grocery store went off talking about the senate after I asked where celery was. Dinner conversations invariably turned to politics. In one instance I thought a couple were going to become apoplectic in their recitations of anger at their political system as currently constituted.

Canadians as well are putting their thoughts unsolicited on social media in ever greater numbers. And polarization seems to be how to perceive these postings and thoughts. Canadian as we are, we seem not to be able to understand the over the top rhetoric coming at us from the US primaries. And it seems incredible to most that Donald Trump could be doing as well as he is. We liken him to their version of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. And while superficially this may be the case. Nothing could be more untrue. Trump is an extremely successful businessman. He has no need for running and the exposure that comes with it. The scrutiny, ridicule and torturous schedule that comes with a run for President for a man of 69 does not make sense in light of desire for personal gain. It can’t be power because the power he could exercise with his wallet is likely greater.

So what drives a guy like this. And here I will qualify that I would not have voted for him if allowed in a primary. He would be a second choice but I would have put an ‘x’ beside Ted Cruz’ name. So why write about this? Simple, I believe Trump is a true example of what service to country is all about. He sees a downward spiral to the country he loves and is of the opinion that he can bring about change that is meaningful and helpful to others. Do the others running have the same motivation? Maybe, but they also have the push of their owners. Those in the background spending the big money to support a winning candidate from which they gain unbelievable access and sway over.

Trump is (it seems) beholden to no one. And for this reason also has the most to lose. Besides his life for some of the incendiary rhetoric he also risks a business he has built over many years. As long as he is just a TV personality he threatens no one. But now he is opposed to the power elite of the most powerful nation in the world. No one does that without a driving desire to help others, to bring about change. Will he be successful? To early to tell. But I have to salute the effort. And I think if he was to win, I believe that he would be a great President.

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