Of mindreading and other sales skills.

Every industry has its unique phraseology. I worked for years in sales so my go to lexicon tends to be from that direction. (Although my wife tends to find other turns of phase I use from the small town/farming community background I have to be disturbing. Dandy!) A term used around the board room table during a weekly sales meeting that never failed to make me chuckle is 'Constipated Funnel'. Somewhat humorous wording for a concept that really describes the situation whereby we are lacking in power.

Accepting that we lack power is not a surrender to the world at large and opportunity to curl up in front of the TV and catch up on Downton Abbey. Its the first part in the process to find all the power you will ever need in your life. And the ability to exercise that power in all aspects of life from work to home to play. How about that, never again fearing that a situation won't go the way you expect. Wouldn't that be great?

But how to get there? In all cases it begins with an understanding that we are lacking power. The challenge most of us face is lifelong training that teaches us that if we just put enough effort into a situation we will prevail. That effort may be studying for an exam at school. Learning the latest technology at work or berating your child one more time to clean their room. You are master of your own destiny. Hard work and perseverance will always win out.

Then why aren't we all wealthy successful people, happy with everything we need? Is it not possible that early in life we experience situations that we cannot control which outcome suites us? And from this we learn not to redouble our efforts but to move on to something else? Or worse, we are given a participation award for just showing up. No longer do measure success or failure, simply being a part of is sufficient. Really? Or is this just the clarion call of unaware powerlessness. 

I am a very competitive person. golf, hockey, football, euchre... competitive at play and competitive at work. But there are plenty of areas I will not compete at. In fact I will avoid a situation completely if deep down I know I don't have the power to influence the outcome. Although thats not what I tell myself. In university it was that this field of study is not practical to my earning an income. Lets not try and next year pick some other coarse. No I do not want to play on your softball team that looks like so much fun. I am way too busy to show you how much I suck at baseball and look foolish.

The powerless develop some other remarkable skills though. I myself have become a mind reader! I knew that you were not in a buying mode today and so I did not need to make that scheduled sales call. Why would I waste time if I could not persuade you. There were plenty of websites to surf learning about potential other customers that may really need what I sell!

And then I would sit in my spot at the boardroom table and tell you all about how my customers were just not in buying mode right now. They were hunkering down, retrenching. Whatever lame reasoning I created while reading their minds out on the road. Yes boss thats the reason my funnel is so constipated. All the while inwardly cringing that I just don't know how to move the customers, that I am powerless.

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