Possible cheater post

It's entirely possible to describe this as a cop out post. For the past week I have been keeping my commitment to post every day and to make these posts reflect my experience as it relates to my business life. Today as I sit prepping for the Super Bowl I remembered I needed to blog but I have no deep thoughts at the moment.

But that's ok. because I am blogging. And as it is Super Sunday the likelihood of getting slagged by the social media blogosphere is lessened today. And I won't post this with a yellow background so Scott Stratten will not object. 

So in lue of relevant prose I will briefly summarize what I write so far. And what are the next points to come. We started out contemplating powerlessness as it relates to the business world. Specifically how my lack of power in certain situations brings about a further problem. That of unmanageability. I cannot at times stop my thinking. It wakes me up and prevents my falling to sleep. I overanalyze what just happened. I stress what is coming. And this sets up the conditions where my lack of power starts to run things.

I talked about coming to the realizations these conditions exist and that to really excel in need to find a way to have power come to me from somewhere else.

So for the next few days I will explore what it is about myself that is the root cause of this business problem. While reading these upcoming musings you may take issue with my thoughts. How about a dialogue? If what I propose is implausible, let me know. I'd welcome the discourse. 

Oh and going out on a limb here, I have to make my prediction for the Super Bowl. 

Carolina will destroy the Bronco's. A win by 30+. Cam Newton will be MVP! 

Let's GO!

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