There is no such thing as the natural born salesperson.

With 30+ years experience in sales of all kinds, I have worked with hundreds of folks, using many different sales programs and a even wider range of pitches and closes.

All of which have provided a single takeaway. 

A 'YES' is earned, not given.

Enjoyment = Results

Oddly though results do not always equate to happiness with our sales role. We must re-evaluate what is a successful result. If we are to measure only the value of our goods and services sold, how do we feel good when closing a deal. 

The deal can never be enough and then it becomes the next deal.

If we change our perspective to be that of the customer, can we close a deal that is helpful to them? Is it to their benefit? Learning to put the customer first creates job satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction is the only important metric.

At Inc. we lead sales team to the understanding that while numbers are important (its how we pay our bills) they only follow from a customer who believes you are looking out for their best interest. We have training programs that strip away the baggage of past practices and teach the lessons necessary to bring about a paradigm shift in sales techniques. We believe the adversarial model of sales leads to short term relationships with both customers and staff. We support building longterm relationships with customers and staff alike.