Action brings about change. Over the last eight years this has become very plain to me. Both in my own experience and in observing others. If you want some part of you to change, it is not sufficient to decide too, you must do things that bring this about.

Very often the direction provided for us does not equate with the solution. And that is because this method of altering one’s self is not necessarily linear. One plus one does not necessarily equal two in this process.It may become 3, it may become 5, it is difficult to say. Just think about the repeated action of your parents dating. One person plus one person has become how many in that case?

So today I begin a challenge. For the next 30 days i will attempt to do something that is new. And that would be… write a daily blog. Short, long it matters not. The repetitive action over a long period of time is what is sufficient to bring about an alteration in who I am and how I interact with the world. I have no idea what this new me will be. Just that it will be shifted from today’s me.

So I begin this journey with the hope you will follow along. Provide encouragement. And offer observations if you notice change. Because just as the action brings about the change, awareness of change only comes from the mirror of another.

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