Life's proposition

On a dark and stormy night, long, long ago a man came to a fork in the road. Down one path was a familiar sense the other was strange and non-intuitive. Which to pick? It seemed forever that the light stayed red that night. Wipers moving in their slow dance to keep the huge snowflakes from building up on the window. 

Straight ahead lay the path that was started on due to circumstance. A vague understanding of the directions but no idea of what destination lay at the end came with that choice. The other path the destination was clear. The end. End of career, of family, of life. The haste which those approached in this path was not understood, nor the order and to be truthful the end of life was the most palatable of the three. And it was very unacceptable as an option.

But that second path, where we were in control. We made the choices. It was an existential journey of our own making. And it was a comfortable roadmap. It may lead to un untimely end but it was OUR end. On that journey we are Frank Sinatra doing it 'My Way'. 

On the unfamiliar path we had to resign control. We could see all around us the results of folks on this path and they were the happy people. With joy, hope and a desire to help others that seemed very strange. Those ahead on this path reported back that success on this routing depended on total acceptance of the directions. If you were part way down and started picking your own way you would end up on the second path by default. 

So the proposition became, this path is everything or it is nothing. I will follow it or not. 

Now I kept thinking to myself while sitting there at that really long red light, I'm smart. My directions are good. Which may be so until you came to the results. Then you may determine that my choices had generally sucked. As they had all led me to this point of utter despair.

So what was my choice to be. I did not know. For possibly the first time in my life I truly had no knowledge of what to do. And so I cried out, Help! And that still small voice told me to move forward, follow the path unknown. Grab the first person who had directions and follow them exactly. 

And I did. And from that day forward power has began to slowly flow into me. A little more each day that I stay on the path. Until now when I am one of those with joy, hope and a desire to help others.

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