As I scrolled through my Linkedin feed this morning a post I seen before rolled by and I stopped to reread it. A simple one that says, ‘The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.” Just another way of stating that change is not our natural state of comfort.

For me, change has always been a challenge because, for so much of my life, those items that really needed to change, the ones I knew about, steadfastly refused to hold to my efforts to modify them. I would start a new process, implement some new tool but eventually I would ease back into the ways I knew. Not by choice but because the efforts to bring about change only breached the symptoms not the causes of the challenges I have.

Having just reviewed my list with my mentor, I am struck by how I have missed what has always been my biggest problem, it’s me! Thankfully not only did my mentor help me see the bigger problem but showed me how ineffectual I am to fix the issue. Thanks for the help bud!

The good news here is that there is a way to rid ourselves of these grosser defects of character. One that may not seem like it will work. In fact we may look at the rest of the process and balk completely. But if we carry on as we have real results will begin to show up in our working lives! And they will translate into improvements in all aspects of our life.

So here is what we do. Each morning when we wake take 30 seconds to mediate with the following thought, ‘I need the willingness to see the change and the strength to implement it. So I may be of help.’ And then carry on with your day. That’s it. We will add more to that later in our program but that is a great start to thinking different.

Oh yes, and then we made another list.

This one starts with the folks from our last list that we harmed. The customers, colleagues and friends that had pissed os off so we got them back. And we also add names to the list. We put down the names of folks we had done things to without any anger attached. The inconvenient slight. The skipped meeting, forgotten report, dodged conversation anything that we have done to others that created enmity or discomfort for the other person.

Write them down, all of them. And when your list is completed add the following to your morning meditation thought. ‘I need the willingness to see the change and the strength to implement it. So I may be of help to those I have harmed.’

Thats’s right, next, we are going to make amends to these people. And we are going to reap the freedom that we’ve always craved but never been able to achieve.

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